No Exam Life Insurance For Smokers – 6 Features That Will Definitely Get You a Discount

No exam life insurance for smokers may just be the solution to help you manage your risk factors and financial future. This kind of life insurance for smokers provides protection and encouragement, especially when you have been a heavy smoker for several years. This policy can also be beneficial when you are planning to get pregnant. You can ask for a no smoking policy so that you can keep yourself and your family safe from any health risks that being a smoker brings. If you are still unsure on whether this product would fit you, take the time to learn more about the benefits that it offers.

There are 5 essential facts that you need to know if you want to apply for no medical exam life insurance for smokers. One is the fact that the product does not require a physical exam. Smokers who smoke a tobacco product and intend to get a policy will be subjected to routine screenings in their initial applications. But after this screening, the application will be turned down or accepted based on the results. This is why you need to be honest with your answers. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get an appropriate policy.

Second, the no exam life insurance for smokers protects you from the high cost of medical treatment. This is because tobacco users experience much higher rates of chronic diseases than non-smokers. And the severity of these diseases will be directly proportional to tobacco use. But if you quit smoking, you can expect to enjoy many years of lower medical costs.

Third is the provision of accidental death benefits. As you might already know, smoker’s compensation can cover your immediate family members and friends. But the unfortunate part is that your family can only claim a fixed amount from the policy. You can expect this protection to increase as your number of cigarettes per day increases. But if you quit smoking, you can receive the full amount from the insurer. So the no exam life insurance for smokers ensures that you will have financial support for your family in the event of your untimely death.

Fourth is the inclusion of e-cigarettes into the policy. It is true that most people who smoke also consume e-cigarette. But did you know that the risk of lung cancer is almost double that of a non-smoker? This is why smokers can enjoy the best life insurance rates in the market. Not only that, the cancer risk can also be reduced to as low as half in some cases with the help of the new electronic cigarette technology.

Fifth is the exclusion of smoking from the policy. If you are a chain smoker or if you are thinking about getting insurance as a group, it is highly recommended that you get rid of your cigarettes and stop smoking. However, the insurers have the right to exclude the cigarettes from the policy if they see fit. The same holds true for those who are considered high risk smokers such as those who use tobacco products regularly, or those who live in places where cigarette smoking prevalence is very high. Hence, getting life insurance as a group member will definitely provide you with the best rates.

The sixth is the inclusion of marijuana use into the policy. If you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, you may not qualify because of the fact that you are not yet recovered from your cancer. But marijuana users who are undergoing chemotherapy and those who are on other forms of similar medication do qualify. There is actually a law that states that marijuana users who are still undergoing treatment must cease to use marijuana immediately. The insurers feel that marijuana users should be given another chance, so they have made this policy optional for smokers.

By getting these six added features, you will definitely get a discounted rate. The cost of your life insurance policy is based on the smoker’s medical history. If you smoke pipes, cigars or pipes that are obtained through the internet, you will be charged a higher rate than other smokers. But if you show the insurer that you smoked cigarettes for more than fifteen days in the past, your premium will decrease. Therefore, if you want to get a cheaper rate, it would be a great idea to quit smoking.

Guide On Buying Life Insurance

Finding and buying the right life insurance for your needs is sometimes difficult. Whether it is term life or whole life insurance you may still need to learn the key factors and elements of insuring yourself. You may also need to search for the most reliable life insurance companies that can meet and offer your needs. And doing all this requires some basic knowledge and understanding. Thus tips and guides will help you a lot in making the right decision.

Knowing What Your Needs Are: First is you have to determine what the type of insuring yourself is and how do you need it. Here you have to search and or go online and use those online calculators to know a ballpark figure on the projected rates and premiums for certain coverage. Determine what suits your needs and well your budget. You may like to do simple calculations of how much your loves need until his or her retirement or when your siblings will finished university. Then decide which type of insurance suits your needs.

Do Not Wait Too Long To Get Insured: As people, aged health issues start to prop up and it will be very difficult and more expensive to get insured. Your premiums will not only be too expensive but it is harder to find a life insurance companies that are willing to insure you.

Window Shopping Online: Many life insurance companies offer online calculators and quotes to help obtain more relevant and important information. Searching for a reliable and company or insurer is also a must. Window shopping online can save as much as seventy percent if you do not go directly to the insurer and instead of the brokerage firms. These firms are not selling directly a company’s product so they are going to give you the cheapest rates they find in the market.

Getting The Most Reliable And Financially Strong Company: Many people presumed that if they buy from a highly rated insurer means they get the best coverage. The fact of the matter is, not necessarily true. The financially strong insurers are rated A or higher from notable rating agencies like Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch Ratings. These are the most reputable rating agencies in the world that you can find. But do not base solely your decision on the company’s ratings because it will not guarantee you the best deal for your buck. See what else they offer that is not offered in other companies.

Prepare Yourself For A Favorable Medical: Quit smoking if you are a regular smoker for at least one full year. Non-smoker pays cheaper premiums than smokers. Exercise and stay fit, take away those fats and cholesterol and high blood pressure. Losing weight and reducing your cholesterol and high blood pressure can save thousands of dollars over the life of the policy. Simply put, get healthy and you will have favorable medical exams.

These basic tips and guides will help you in preparing yourself if you are in the market for life insurance. And always bear in mind the reliability and ratings of the life insurance companies you intend to deal with. So whether you are looking for term life insurance or whole life insurance, it is important to get the basics for a more informed decision. As many people say knowledge is power.